The Cold and the Campfire

Walking down this sodden path, you wrap your arms around you tighter to block out the cold. You need to hurry, being out so late in the cold, you’ll catch something. If only you could find the right path to take, it all looks the same with this damn fog…

Ahead you glimpse a light. A dim flicker at first, but it grows until you recognize a traveler’s campfire. Heading closer, you see a quaint red covered wagon next to the blaze. Your eyes follow a caught scent on the night air. Spying two trout over the fire makes your mouth water. When was the last time you’ve eaten?

“Ah, you’re finally here, and on time too!” a smiling face emerges from the wagon. A hunched over old man gestures over to the cooking fish “that one is yours, would you like to hear a story?” his ancient voice continues on, “Shall I tell the tale of the great hero who slayed Sha’dyn the Evil red wyrm? or perhaps the one who united the eastern kingdoms together to face the Darkspawn?”

His face creases into a smile, “tell me you’ve heard of this individual?” he smiles at some inside joke, “I guess not, as you haven’t done any of these things, yet. Sit down, enjoy the fish. Allow me to show you the person you will one day become.”

The Story Untold